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Brake Drum

Brake Drum

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A drum brake is an internal brake commonly found inside of a car’s wheel. It is cylindrical in shape and spins at the same speed as the wheel causing friction. When pressure is applied to the vehicle’s brake, the brake shoes are pushed against the brake drum by hydraulic wheel cylinders. The friction caused by the drum brake slows the rotation of the wheel and axle allowing the vehicle to reduce speed or stop.

Brakes are integral to driving safely and brake drum problems can have serious consequences if not resolved. A worn or faulty drum should be assessed and replaced immediately. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this task, it’s always advisable to consult a professional.

A drum brake works in conjunction with other vehicle components such as brake shoes, the brake hose and hydraulic wheel cylinders. At Parts for All Cars we have highly competitive prices for brake parts. Buy some of the best value parts available UK-wide.